For optical and laser scanning services, we use the ATOS series Compact Scan system to provide precision scans with detailed resolution at high speeds in industrial optical scanning. These systems provide three-dimensional digitizing and measuring solutions for industrial parts such as sheet metal parts, equipment and molds, turbine blades, prototypes, injection molded parts, castings and more. We provide mobile services throughout Turkey for laser scanning, capturing every detail with calibrated precision measurement capability from 0.003mm (3µ) to 0.025mm (25µ). With our comprehensive reporting and complete dimensional analysis services, we produce solutions suitable for your needs.

Our three-dimensional digitization and measurement services with the ATOS series Compact Scan system are designed to provide detailed resolution and precise scans at high speeds. We offer solutions for industrial parts such as sheet metal parts, equipment and molds, turbine blades, prototypes, injection molded parts and castings. Our calibrated measurement capabilities allow us to perform precise measurements in the range of 0.003mm (3µ) to 0.025mm (25µ). Our mobile laser scanning services and complete dimensional analysis services with comprehensive reporting, which we offer throughout Turkey, fully meet your industrial needs.

Our optical and laser scanning services offer high precision and fast data collection for industrial applications. The ATOS series Compact Scan system scans components such as sheet metal parts with complex geometries, equipment and molds with excellent detail, ensuring quality control at every stage of the production process. This system performs precise measurements from 0.003mm (3µ) to 0.025mm (25µ), detecting and analyzing even the smallest defects.

Our laser scanning technology is available throughout Turkey thanks to our mobile services. This service is particularly ideal for large parts that require on-site inspection. Critical components such as turbine blades, prototypes and injection molded parts can be scanned quickly and accurately on-site. This saves time and costs in the production process and prevents potential errors.

Our comprehensive reporting and full dimensional analysis services provide a detailed evaluation of the scan results. We provide our customers with detailed reports showing the dimensional accuracy and surface characteristics of the scanned parts. These reports help to optimize quality control processes and ensure that products comply with international standards. We provide all the analysis required to achieve high quality in parts.