About Us

Founded in 2012 with the aim of producing solutions and services based on high technology, Revenisis Eng. Sol. and Mfg. Ind. Trade Ltd. Co. provides high-value services primarily to the Turkish industry and various creative organizations around the world in various fields of industry.

Revenisis' solution and service portfolio consists of a wide range of product development technologies and consultancy, including industrial design, engineering, 3D printing, reverse engineering, CAD/CAM and more.

It aims to provide its customers with the latest technology products and solutions for more efficient business productivity, while striving for sustainable growth, progress and innovation to deliver sustainable value to its stakeholders, customers, and the Turkish society.

Our Mission

Revenisis' mission is providing the best engineering service within the shortest time possible by taking advantage of the existing high technology with the necessary engineering approach and ensuring the satisfaction of customers and keeping them competitive as well as being the best solution partner.

Our Vision

Revenisis' vision is taking part in the world of engineering as one of the greatest companies, which offer the best and most efficient technology possible to their customers, in order to develop its country and make it up to the top of the list of the well-developed countries.