What we serve...

  • Laser & Optical Scanning Services

    We offer precision optical & laser scanning services between 0.003mm (3µ) and 0.05mm (50µ) per cubic meter with our internationally certified calibrated devices.

  • Measurement & Quality Control Services

    We offer 2D & 3D dimensional measurements and reporting needed for quality control measurements.

  • Engineering Applications

    We offer product design and modeling, reverse engineering services and remodeling services in accordance with quality and production methods.

  • Manufacturing & Prototyping

    We manufacture metal and non-metal parts with 3-axis, 5-axis simultaneous and 5-axis positioning. We also use 3D prototyping FDM and SLA technologies.

  • Model, Mold & Fixture Production & Revision

    We offer design, production and overhaul of 3- and 5-axis fixtures as well as customized solutions for specific products such as composites, polyurethane, engineering plastics and MDF.

  • Polyurethane Casting Solutions

    We offer polyurethane part production, prototype production, mold and fixture design, production and revision, as well as surface treatments.

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